Designing and implementing customised equipment is above all line of work for passionate enthusiasts.

Passion is a key driver in the process of creating new solutions enabling the continuous questioning required for moving forward.


By listening and being in close proximity to our customers, we aim for uncompromising quality in all our projects in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

R&D Technology is one of the 2,000 French companies with BpiFrance Excellence certification.


Innovation is in the DNA of R&D Project Managing. Innovation is a key part of every single day for our teams because they must constantly reinvent new solutions for our customers.

Some projects have led to European patents being submitted.


R&D Technology is aware of the responsibility it has towards the environment but also towards the safety and well-being of its employees.

The involvement and accountability of its teams is also achieved by sharing in the company’s profits.


R&D Technology bases its corporate values on the ​​respect for Christian ethics calling for a commitment to integrity and honesty.

Aware of its social responsibilities, R&D Technology has embarked on a structured philanthropic approach by creating an endowment fund, the amount of which is fixed in accordance with the company’s profits. The aim of this fund is to support the creation and development of SMEs, to help people in difficulties, to promote access to education and to support cultural and musical creativity.