Innovation at the service of industry

The R&D Technology Group develops innovative solutions in robotics, special machines and turnkey production equipment, either individually or in series, in an “Industry of the Future” approach.

In an increasingly tense economic market, companies must constantly find effective ways to remain competitive. R&D Technology supports all sectors of activity by offering innovative solutions to industrialise new products or existing processes.

Our vision
To be recognised as a major partner in industrial innovation in France and internationally.
Our mission

Inventing your productivity solutions

R&D Technology offers innovative production solutions to improve industrial performance and encourage the relocation of production.

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R&D Automation (67)
FP Lyon (69)
SBE (45)

Our history


An extended range of activity
"Cosmetic Valley"

R&D Technology acquires SBE

R&D Technology is 25 years old.


An extended range of activity

R&D Technology acquires FP Lyon.


Inauguration of R&D Technology's new headquarters in the presence of around 200 people.

New identity

Change of name and graphic charter, creation of the holding company.


This new building, three times larger, heralds the beginning of the R&D Technology era.

EvoluBox® Clean Room

Launch of the clean room version of EvoluBox®.


Launch of Novact, a support service for innovative projects.


of the JBT HUB UP joint venture.

R&D Technology is 20 years old

Festivities for the 20th anniversary of the company.

Always more innovation

with the extension of our workshop by 400 m².


Launch of the EvoluBox® flexible assembly cell.


on the machine design business.


to Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel (200 m² of office space and a 600 m² workshop)


to the house of the paternal grandmother.

Creation of the company

with a focus on machine and product design. Philippe ROSER was soon joined by his brothers Marc and Jean-Luc in the years that followed.

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Our 4 areas of expertise

  • Mechanical Design Office

    A division dedicated to the development of personalised solutions tailored to customers. Equipped with 3D Créo CAD machines, our teams develop the technical solution in close collaboration with the customer's technical services.

  • Electrical Design Office

    Our electrical design office participates in the determination of the equipment and creates the electrical diagrams according to the customer's specifications.

  • Automation and Robotics Design Office

    After the study phase, our automation and robotics teams design the programs to bring the equipment to life.

  • Assembly workshop

    Our technicians take care first of the mechanical assembly, then of the electrical and pneumatic wiring and finally of the commissioning of the equipment.


Cultivating technological power for today and tomorrow

More than 25 years ago, on the corner of a table, with a PC and a lot of ideas, the creators of R&D gave the initial impetus to what was to become a formidable human and technological adventure.

“At the origin of this founding act, there is an incredible passion for mechanics and a passion for work well done, passed on by our father, Georges. Without him, but thanks to him, R&D was born. The rest of this story is a magnificent tale of personal and professional encounters and sharing. All together and over the years, we have built the values that define us today.

In 2019, our structure got a new identity and became R&D Technology. We also constructed new buildings and acquired FP Lyon, SBE to begin a decisive turning point in our history.

A wise man once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”… With these strong and voluntary acts, we wish to take you with us to live the continuation of our adventure. Together, let’s not limit our ambitions but continue to innovate, boldly and … passionately!“

Marc, Philippe et Jean-Luc ROSER

Our values

The foundation of our DNA

Innovation is a daily reality for our teams, who are constantly reinventing new solutions for our customers. This is reflected in the recruitment of high-potential employees and the continuous development of skills.

A key driver in each of our processes

It stimulates the continuous improvement of System Quality Management systems.

A common goal for all our projects

Thanks to our expertise and our ability to listen, we aim for impeccable quality in all our projects to fully satisfy our customers.

A core value

Our ethics are based on a commitment to respect, honesty and integrity. Aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, R&D Technology is committed to a structured sponsorship approach.

A key success factor

Our employees are key players in our policy and play an essential role in the success of R&D Technology. The well-being of each person and the adaptation of resources allow the achievement of individual and collective objectives.

Key figures
18M€ turnover
85 staff
+4000 workshop
+1000 installed equipment

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