Robotics - Cobotics

Gain competitiveness with R&D Technology.

Investing in a cell equipped with an industrial robot means automating the tasks of your production line and ensuring repeatability while maintaining a certain flexibility.

Robotisation allows you to increase productivity, reduce your production costs, but also to reduce tediousness and the risks of musculoskeletal disorders. Ideal for performing hazardous operations, handling heavy components and performing precision assembly, our robotic cells will be your best allies.

Many advantages

  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Optimise your production costs.
  • Fight against musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Access human-machine collaboration.

Let's robotise your production

In direct contact with most industrial robot manufacturers, R&D Technology designs and builds state-of-the-art robotic cells adapted to your specific needs.

As a robotics and cobotics integrator, we also develop the necessary peripherals such as adapted grippers in order to install a turnkey robotic cell for you. This makes collaborative robotics the ideal solution when the robot and the human have to work together in the same area.

Any project?

Focus on robotisation and cobotisation

  • More cooperation between Man and Machine thanks to cobotisation

    Flexible and easy to program, cobots are revolutionising work and its organisation by evolving in the same space as the operator. Thanks to its sensors, the collaborative robot will stop automatically at the slightest contact with the operator.

  • Modernisation of equipment

    SMEs and industrial ETIs, get information from the State services to benefit from financial support for investment in your robotisation and cobotisation projects.

  • Your first robotisation - cobotisation project?

    Accessible to large companies but also to SMEs, cobots and industrial robots are solutions to boost your business. Let us study your needs and make your automation project a reality!

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Adhesive application equipment + clipping


Robotic case packing of blisters


Box palletising equipment with divider placement


Robot for opening and emptying boxes


Robot and cobots for loading glass cartridges


How is Gutenberg & CO revolutionising the book market thanks to NOVACT?


Looking for a robotisation-cobotisation expert?


R&D Technology's development is in line with its enormous human and technological potential. I need R&D Technology to help me transform my industry, the printed book industry in France ... and in the world. With them, we will uberise the manufactured book sector in the world. In my industry, there are loads of jobs for which robotics will be of great help. I’m an ardent defender of the QLW (Quality of Life at Work) and am convinced that robotics can help improve the QLW, especially in difficult jobs.

Hubert PEDURAND | President of NEOMEDIAS

R&D Technology is clearly a five-legged sheep! They are able to propose innovative technical solutions for totally new demands. This requires a real look at innovation. Working with them means choosing to work with technically advanced profiles who are capable of providing assistance on many levels. You can feel a real commitment on their part to the proposed solutions... And it is ultimately all this that makes you want to trust them!

Cédric HIEBLER | Industrial Project Manager at Mars Wrigley

Our other offers

  • Innovative Technological Projects

    As an industrial partner of innovators, R&D Technology accompanies you from the first idea to the series production of equipment.

    Make your projects a reality
  • Manufacturing of equipment in series

    Industrial efficiency is our business. We take care of the series production of your equipment for your customers.

    Entrust us with your small and medium series production.
  • Flexible assembly cell

    The result of a technological challenge, our Evolubox® cells open a new way in the automated assembly of small and medium series.

    Gain in productivity
  • Special machines

    Backed by our passion for technology, we design and manufacture state-of-the-art equipment for whenever a standard solution isn't the right fit.

    Challenge us!
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