How did you come to work with R&D Technology?

R&D Technology’s development is in line with its enormous human and technological potential. I need R&D Technology to help me transform my industry, the printed book industry in France… and in the world.

With them, we will uberise the manufactured book sector in the world. A book produced individually, without stock, without ecological cost, directly in front of the customer at the point of sale.

With R&D Technology, NEOMEDIAS will appear as the only possible alternative to Amazon. In my industry, there are loads of jobs for which robotics will be of great help. I’m an ardent defender of the QLW (Quality of Life at Work) and am convinced that robotics can help improve the QLW, especially in difficult jobs. Also, without becoming fixated, although … our enemy is Amazon and we must fight with the means at our disposal: innovation, brain power, pugnacity, creativity. Steve Jobs said that creativity is the art of connecting things. I strive to build new bridges with R&D Technology as my architect.

I see myself in the future as an industrial partner. The vision I have of my markets needs a project manager like R&D Technology. For me it’s a game changer.