EvoluBox® flexible assembly cell

Boost your productivity!

Faced with labour costs leading to risks of relocation, our industry must reinvent itself. More reactivity, more flexibility, more quality for a better return on investment: this is the challenge that the Evolubox® automated assembly cell takes up.

On the other hand, assembly operations for small and medium-sized series are usually performed on a series of dedicated manual stations. Despite a low initial investment, their use and lack of flexibility prove to be costly in the medium and long term. Here again, our Evolubox® solution is there to solve this problem.

Many advantages

  • Give your production flexibility.
  • Automate in a progressive way.
  • Make your investment profitable over several products.
  • Simplify production changes.
  • Optimise your prototyping and pre-production phases.
  • Gain agility in the face of product and process changes.

Profitability generator

Our flexible EvoluBox® assembly cells are modular, multi-process, multi-task, multi-product.

They allow you to easily automate your industrial production in a progressive way or to share the investment of an automation system over several medium series product lines. With EvoluBox®, you are investing in unique equipment that adapts permanently to the evolution of your products and to the fluctuations of your production!


With the patented Evolubox® concept, R&D Technology has put all its know-how and innovation into practice in a unique piece of equipment.


Discover the Evolubox® concept for clean rooms


  • EvoluBox® concept

    The EvoluBox® Flexible Assembly Unit is made up of a standard 8 or 16-position revolving table insert supporting use of interchangeable automated workstations and configurations.

  • To carry out which operations?

    EvoluBox® automates several successive operations to be performed on your parts or sub-assemblies. The stations can perform assembly, marking, small machining and packaging operations.

  • EvoluBox® CR for demanding production areas

    Our flexible and scalable EvoluBox® cells are also available in a clean room version. The design of the structure takes into account the requirements of accessibility, cleanability and the qualification of ISO 7 rooms.

  • Profitability generator

    Thanks to the EvoluBox® concept, it is possible to recoup the investment over several products, considerably reducing the payback period.

  • Upgradeable assembly equipment

    Equipped with a unique technology, our flexible assembly cells adapt to your real production needs. As quantity requirements increase, workstations can be added to increase the degree of automation. This evolution can go as far as complete automation.


EvoluBox® – Drilling and tapping


Automatic terminal screwing machine


Evolubox® – Filtration unit assembly


Would you like to take advantage of our EvoluBox® flexible assembly cells?

We were looking for a machine that could evolve with Lindal's projects. The Evolubox® flexible assembly cell solution seemed ideal in terms of investment. We were really seduced by its evolutionary character, which allows the machine to be readapted according to the different assembly needs. We can now adapt our production tools in as little as 10 minutes! It’s a real revolution.

Athman BOURAHLA | Project leader & Technical advisor at Lindal Group

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