What was the purpose of your collaboration with R&D Technology? What was your need? How did R&D respond?

My colleagues had been talking about R&D Technology for a while. One of the only French companies capable of producing universal machines adapted to automated production… I’d been wondering about that!

At that time, I was looking for a machine that could evolve with Lindal’s projects. The Evolubox® flexible assembly cell solution seemed ideal in terms of investment. We were really seduced by its evolutionary character, which allows the machine to be readapted according to the different assembly needs. We can now adapt our production tools in as little as 10 minutes! It’s a real revolution.

Our collaboration has been a real challenge for the R&D Technology teams. They’ve had to adapt to a sector of activity and products that they were not necessarily familiar with (editor’s note: the manufacture of valves and dispensers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry). Once these issues were understood, everything went smoothly.

How did this collaboration work out?

The dialogue between us was quickly established: I dropped in on them unexpectedly during a trip to Germany. Our collaboration was very natural, with very easy accord and understanding.

Which know-how AND/OR which R&D Technology strengths have allowed you to satisfy your request?

The R&D Technology teams have extensive knowledge of various technologies. It is this diversity of expertise and their advanced mastery of assembly techniques that really interested us. With these young and competent profiles, we felt we were in good hands!

And it must also be said that their premises and infrastructure are very pleasant. As a customer, you immediately feel that the company is solid. We want to trust them. It’s reassuring.

How would you rate the quality of your relationship with R&D Technology?

What I retain from our exchanges is above all this very present, close relationship. I was dealing with people who are professionally competent, but also human and warm. Every time we visited, we were very well received. R&D Technology is a beautiful family business with all the values that this entails.

How do you see yourself in the future with R&D Technology?

We are now very close to their teams and we are looking forward to the future with great pleasure! We hope to learn more from them and explore new technologies. Thanks to them, it is now possible for us to design our products in small quantities to test the market, before starting on large volumes. This is an approach that we want to pursue at Lindal, with the help of R&D Technology.