Customised production equipments

Make the industry of the future a reality with R&D Technology.

In their quest for performance and profitability, manufacturers are seeking to automate their manufacturing processes.

Industry 4.0 paves the way towards the modernisation of manufacturing tools. Despite the wide range of standard equipment available, certain applications, such as assembly, inspection or even packaging, often require machines that have been tailor-made to accommodate specific requirements.
To meet this need for customised solutions, R&D Technology is always there to help you speed up your industrial development.

Many advantages

  • Increase output.
  • Automate assembly.
  • Integrate ergonomic workstations.
  • Secure your production with optical controls and systems.
  • Increase your profitability.
  • Optimise your existing processes.
Réalisation de machine spéciale pour développer la technologie de production de votre entreprise.

Challenge us!

Innovation is alive and well in our teams as they continually reinvent new solutions for special machines on behalf of our customers.

Our mission is to design and manufacture custom production equipment to meet your technical, economic and strategic challenges.
How? Thanks to assembly machines designed to meet your most specific needs.

Based on your scope statement and the latest technologies available, our experts in the design and manufacture of special machines work closely with your technical departments to analyse your processes and develop an effective solution that meets your needs.

Conception et réalisation de machine spéciale


  • Semi-automatic or 100% automated machines

    Depending on your production volumes, the characteristics of your components and your strategic choices, we design your production equipment so that the feeding or certain operations are carried out automatically or by an operator.

  • Your machine, adapted to your infrastructure and your processes

    Investing in a special machine allows you to exploit the full potential that production equipment can offer. Designed specifically for you, the machine will adapt to your product or family of products and perform all the operations you need.

  • Assembly operations

    We design special machines for assembly operations such as clipping, riveting, welding, gluing, knocking out, marking, screwing, crimping, sealing, clinching, capping, press-fitting, etc.

  • Control operations

    Force, torque, weight, sealing, throughput, continuity, shape, appearance, level, barcode, data matrix, camera control, vision sensor, laser sensor... The special machines we produce are capable of performing many measuring and control operations.

  • Handling operations

    R&D Technology also develops handling solutions such as boxing, loading, palletizing/depalletizing, pick and place, etc.


Panel assembly line


Ball piston assembly machine


EvoluBox® – Drilling and tapping


A4 corner-cutting and lip-turning


Glass ceramic bonding equipment


Plastic clip assembly machine


Do you want to take advantage of a custom-made production machine?


The R&D Technology teams bring together highly experienced profiles who always manage to find ingenious solutions. Once the equipment was finalised and delivered to us, it became THE star of the company. Our employees rushed to see the machine. We always have a lot of fun showing it. It's a great piece of engineering.

Bilal HADJI | Mechanical Design Engineer at BforCure

Our other offers

  • Innovative Technological Projects

    As an industrial partner of innovators, R&D Technology accompanies you from the first idea to the series production of equipment.

    Make your projects a reality
  • Manufacturing of equipment in series

    Industrial efficiency is our business. We take care of the series production of your equipment for your customers.

    Entrust us with your small and medium series production.
  • Robotics - Cobotics

    With its recognised know-how in multi-brand industrial robotics integration, R&D Technology designs and builds robotic or collaborative cells.

    Let's robotise your production
  • Flexible assembly cell

    The result of a technological challenge, our Evolubox® cells open a new way in the automated assembly of small and medium series.

    Gain in productivity