What was the purpose of your collaboration with R&D Technology? What was your need? How did R&D respond?

For the purpose of a new product (a real time PCR test device), we were looking for a strong partner, one able to provide us with a tailor-made production machine. We launched a call for tenders and R&D Technology’s response seemed to us to fit the bill!

The first contact with their team was very cordial and professional. Philippe Roser immediately took part in our working meetings. We really felt that we were in good hands.

I was personally quite impressed by my visit to their premises in Monswiller. There’s no doubt. The company is well developed.


How did this collaboration work out?

Our first exchanges took place in May 2020 and R&D Technology responded very quickly. We knew our deadline was very tight. We wanted to move forward on production while continuing to do R&D. Despite these constraints, they really did their best to remain flexible in the way they worked with us. To give you an example, we had to change processes and materials two or three times along the way, and R&D Technology always responded.

Once the equipment was finalised and delivered to us, it became THE star of the company. Our employees rushed to see the machine. We always have a lot of fun showing it. It’s a great piece of engineering.

Which know-how AND/OR which R&D Technology strengths have allowed you to satisfy your request?

They are very good at robotics. As a mechanic myself, I was blown away by their technical know-how. Their teams bring together highly experienced profiles who always manage to find ingenious solutions.

What’s more, I also noticed they had very good internal communications. For us, they were flexible, hyper competent and technically very sound.


How would you rate the quality of your relationship with R&D Technology?

Everything has gone very well. As a start-up, we work very closely with people and we found this same human-orientated mindset at R&D Technology. Let’s just say that our relationship is warm and professional! This is really appreciated.

How do you see yourself in the future with R&D Technology?

We’ll need a V2 to increase the production capacity of the machine and it’s quite natural to think of turning to R&D Technology first. We have already contacted them, and our collaboration is likely to continue.

Besides this evolution project, we stay in touch with them for the maintenance part. Their team is super responsive and very accommodating. Their robotics technician actually spent quite a bit of time advising me remotely by phone. It’s a pleasure to work this way!