Support for innovation projects

Make your innovative technological equipment projects a reality

“Innovation is strategic!”. Innovation is the engine of growth and aims to make you more competitive and win new market shares.

However, to stand out from the crowd, you need to respond to an effective methodology and overcome many obstacles. One observation is indisputable: the majority of innovative projects or products are abandoned due to lack of time, investment, difficulty in finding the right partners or due to technical constraints. To respond to this problem, R&D Technology has developed an exclusive service to accompany innovative projects in the field of industrial technical equipment.

Many advantages

  • Gain in time-to-market.
  • Move forward with a single contact.
  • Stay focused on your core business.
  • Develop an innovative technological product.
  • Offer quality equipment to your customers.
  • Find your industry partner.

Project accelerator

Since 2010, R&D Technology has accompanied dozens of projects of innovative technical equipment or innovative technological products. We have drawn valuable lessons from these experiences and have developed a methodology and real know-how in the control of the industrial innovation cycle.

The recognised effectiveness of our innovation support, the success of our clients’ projects and our belief in the central role of innovation in the growth of companies have led us to share this service more widely. From simple elements, an idea, a concept, a sketch or a preliminary project, we start the innovation cycle with you, using a proven method.

NOVACT is implemented by R&D Technology’s multidisciplinary teams for the technical part of the projects, and by a network of selected partners for the marketing, commercial, financing and legal aspects.


NOVACT, the industrialisation of your ideas

Reliability for your productivity

  • For whom?

    NOVACT is intended for entrepreneurs and industrialists who want to develop and market innovative technological equipment.

  • For which type of project?

    NOVACT is adapted to innovative equipment projects or to the improvement of existing products through innovation.

  • For which benefits?

    By outsourcing all or part of your innovation project, you stay focused on your core business, while benefiting from an objective outside view. You are also supported by a first-class technical and creative team.

  • Minimise risks and failure factors.

    Defining and designing a reliable technical solution are crucial steps at the start of a project. Your first technical decisions will determine the complexity, total cost and viability of your project. Together, let us design your innovative equipment to minimise risks, facilitate its industrialisation and secure your investment.

  • From the idea to the series production of innovative equipment

    Industrialisation is our business! R&D Technology not only brings your ideas to life, but also has the resources to take care of their production in small and medium series. Discover our "Manufacturing of equipment in series" offer.

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Plasma lance


How is Gutenberg & CO revolutionising the book market thanks to NOVACT?


Chromatography and tangential flow filtration equipment


Freetemp temperature measurement solution


TOBI, the innovative wood lathe


Do you want to bring an innovative technological project to reality and benefit from comprehensive support?

Our idea was to replace stainless steel with disposable components. However, we didn’t know how to translate our concept to a machine... The NOVACT offer allowed us to benefit from a proximity and a reactivity that are precious for this type of development project. This service has allowed us to reach our objectives 100%.

Sébastien CIROU | SU Systems Manager at Merck Millipore

R&D Technology's development is in line with its enormous human and technological potential. I need R&D Technology to help me transform my industry, the printed book industry in France... and in the world. With them, we will uberise the manufactured book sector in the world. A book produced individually, without stock, without ecological cost, directly in front of the customer at the point of sale. I strive to build new bridges with R&D Technology as my architect.

Hubert PEDURAND | President of NEOMEDIAS

Our other offers

  • Manufacturing of equipment in series

    Industrial efficiency is our business. We take care of the series production of your equipment for your customers.

    Entrust us with your small and medium series production.
  • Robotics - Cobotics

    With its recognised know-how in multi-brand industrial robotics integration, R&D Technology designs and builds robotic or collaborative cells.

    Let's robotise your production
  • Flexible assembly cell

    The result of a technological challenge, our Evolubox® cells open a new way in the automated assembly of small and medium series.

    Gain in productivity
  • Special machines

    Backed by our passion for technology, we design and manufacture state-of-the-art equipment for whenever a standard solution isn't the right fit.

    Challenge us!