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TOBI, the innovative wood lathe

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Mechanics, Energy, Plastics, Consumer goods

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Innovative Technological Projects

Our solution

A new generation of wood lathes

The evolution of technology has led the project leader to devise new possibilities for revolutionising woodworking. In its search for a technical partner to bring its creations to fruition, R&D Technology offered its support to Innovative Technology Projects. The experience and ingenuity of our technical teams have ensured the feasibility of the project and the development of innovative technical solutions.

Innovation for Industry Innovation for Industry

A patented machining process

TOBI, the innovative wood lathe, has 6 digitally-controlled axes (a process unique in the world) allowing it to accommodate 14-metre long beams, while giving free rein to your imagination to carve the wood as you wish. Machining complex pieces has never been easier or faster!

The innovative multi-directional epicyclic milling process has been patented and can be used for all types of wood. The machine can process a variety of cross-sectional shapes as standard: rectangular, oblong, round, chamfered square, fluted, concave, etc. Using combined machining, it can also produce stylised profiles: spindle, helix, asymmetry, twist, etc. in various sizes, working from drawings or CAD files.

In addition to its unparalleled productivity, this new lathe opens up a field of possibilities in areas such as architecture, wood construction, furniture, art, etc.”

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