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Box palletising equipment with divider placement

Industrial sector  :

Food industry

Solutions :

Robotics - Cobotics

Project details


Boxes weighing 50 kg


Automatic palletisation of boxes

Special features

Low-strength boxes that deforms under its own weight


  • Conveying and switching
  • Box turnaround
  • Handling of boxes by a 6-axis robot with suction cup gripper
  • Palletising
  • Placement of dividers
  • Conveying of empty and filled pallets


100 boxes/hour

Improving working comfort

For the palletisation of heavy boxes, our customer wanted to invest in palletising equipment to increase productivity but also to combat MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). The robotic equipment developed is an ideal solution for handling heavy items and positioning them quickly and accurately.

Once on a conveyor belt, the boxes are turned over and picked up by a 6-axis robot before being placed on pallets.
The robot also takes care of adding dividers to separate the different layers and ensure that all the packages are well protected during storage and transport.



Discover the equipment on video

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