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Panel assembly line

Client :

Clestra Hauserman

Industrial sector  :

Mechanics, Energy, Plastics, Consumer goods

Solutions :

Special machines

Project details


Bi-block or mono-block panels consisting of two assembled facings (including plasterboard or rock wool)


To automate the assembly of partitions

Special features

  • Semi-automatic line
  • Adding this line after an existing line
  • Automatic placement of plasterboard
  • Turning the panels 180°


  • Plasterboard at the entrance
  • Integration of plasterboard in the facing
  • Gluing + calendering of plasterboard
  • Option: transfer to a manual area to insert rock wool
  • Combination of 2 facings to obtain a complete panel


1min / facing

From gluing to the marriage of the wall halves

The assembly line designed allows the production of panels in semi-automatic mode. After gluing the facing, the equipment performs referencing to ensure accurate placement of the plasterboard in the facing. The assembly then goes through the calendering process. If mineral wool is to be applied, the equipment transfers the wall half to an operator station before it is positioned and held in the mating area.

The equipment performs the same operations for the second wall half. Finally, the mating area allows the wall halves to be turned and positioned one on top of the other, inner side against inner side, so that the elements can be assembled before the complete panel is removed.

Discover the equipment on video

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