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EvoluBox® - Drilling and tapping

Client :

Manufacturer of accessories for exterior casements

Industrial sector  :

Mechanics, Energy, Plastics, Consumer goods

Solutions :

Special machines

Project details


Accessories for building closure (windows, gates, etc.)


Design and manufacture of equipment for drilling, tapping, counterboring and chamfering of metal parts

Special features

  • Based on Evolubox
  • 2 pneumatic drilling units + 1 pneumatic tapping unit
  • Suction controller/unit
  • Micro-spray lubrication
  • Ergonomic design of the workstation according to the client's needs


  • Multi-product equipment
  • Quick removal and referencing of parts by the operator during positioning
  • Locking of mechanical parts at each operation
  • Suction of chips and excess lubricant and collection in an industrial suction unit


200 pieces per hour

Multi-process, Multi-tasking, Multi-product

Fed by an operator, this EvoluBox® adapts to 3 types of products that can usually be heavy and burdensome in large quantities.

These operations (drilling, tapping, counterboring, etc.) are now automatic and repeatable. In the interested of cleanliness and preventative maintenance, during the cycle and at each operation, chips and excess lubricant are vacuumed and collected in an industrial vacuum unit.

Discover the equipment on video

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