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Evolubox® - Filtration unit assembly

Client :


Industrial sector  :

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Medtech, Biotech, Cosmetic

Solutions :

Flexible assembly cell

Project details


Filtration units for microbiological analysis


To automate the assembly of 2 types of products whose production volumes are modest

Special features

  • The Evolubox significantly reduces the return on investment period
  • 1 operator station
  • 8 special interchangeable fixtures for product A
  • 8 special interchangeable fixtures for product B


  • Manual loading and unloading
  • Pneumatic press station with analogue stroke detection for seal placement
  • Filter cutting unit
  • Pneumatic manipulator with a pneumatic gripper for placing a component on the base
  • Bowl feeder for distribution of plugs
  • Pneumatic manipulator for picking up a plug and placing it on the sub-assembly
  • Pressing the plug onto the sub-assembly


  • Product A: 765 pieces per hour
  • Product B: 306 pieces per hour

One unit for several assemblies

To automate the assembly of 2 different products with modest production volumes while ensuring a good return on investment. Here is the problem our client was facing. To develop 2 custom machines proved too costly in relation to the quantity of products to be assembled and continuing production on manual stations was not more economical in the medium to long term.

R&D Technology proposed its Evolubox flexible assembly cell, designed and patented to meet this type of industrial challenge. The machine was developed on a standard base, while the workstations are custom-made and interchangeable, allowing the customer to use the equipment for several products. This solution reduced the cost of the operation per piece and optimised the return on investment period.

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