What was the purpose of your collaboration with R&D Technology? What was your need? How did R&D respond?

As an Industrial Project Manager for Mars Wrigley, my job is to find companies that can help us deploy new facilities or get existing ones up to standard (or even refurbish).

We approached R&D Technology as part of a project to upgrade our chewing gum base manufacturing facilities. Thanks to their experts, we were able to implement new raw material feeding robots, while at the same time upgrading our carton palletising solution.


How did this collaboration work out?

Our collaboration went very well, although the equipment at the prototype stage sometimes gave us a hard time. The R&D Technology teams were always there to intervene quickly in case of questions, blockages or to improve existing equipment. In particular, we had to make adjustments following the use of new raw materials, and then, by using the equipment, our operators also pointed out possible technological optimisations. These are things we can implement today with the help of R&D Technology.

In general, they were very serious about following up on the installations. All these things have contributed to the continuation of this relationship today.

Which know-how AND/OR which R&D Technology strengths have allowed you to satisfy your request?

R&D Technology is clearly a five-legged sheep! They are able to propose innovative technical solutions for totally new demands. This requires a real look at innovation.

On top of the hygiene constraints linked to the food industry, Mars Wrigley has to deal with complex raw materials (chewing gum), which are sticky and liquid, and not necessarily easy to handle, and yet R&D Technology has always found the right equipment.

How would you rate the quality of your relationship with R&D Technology?

On a human level, things always go very well with their teams. Our exchanges are close and we feel a real family spirit.

How do you see yourself in the future with R&D Technology?

Today we’re continuing to work with them on improvement and innovation projects. R&D Technology helps us to develop equipment that we cannot find on the market.

Working with them means choosing to work with technically advanced profiles who are capable of providing assistance on many levels. I’m personally always very satisfied with their propositions. You can feel a real commitment on their part to the proposed solutions… And it is ultimately all this that makes you want to trust them!