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Automatic palletisation of tins

Client :

Metal packaging manufacturer

Industrial sector  :

Mechanics, Energy, Plastics, Consumer goods

Solutions :

Machine spéciale / Robotique

Project details


Tin with lid containing flea collars for dogs/cats


Automatic palletisation of tins

Special features

At the end of the production line


  • Palletisation of tin bases + lids
  • Placing of spacers between each layer of lid/tin bases
  • Change of product pallet without stopping production


100 pieces per hour

24-hour operation

Our client wanted to invest in a robotic cell to automate the palletising of its tin bases and lids. The aims of this automation were to avoid unnecessary movements, time loss and fatigue, and to focus worker activity on tasks with higher added value. This robotic equipment positioned at the end of the line has enabled the company to speed up its work rate and increase productivity.

The tins (lid + separate base) are transported on a conveyor belt to a buffer area. The palletising robot then takes the products and positions them precisely on a pallet. As soon as a layer of products has been placed on the pallet, the robot inserts a spacer in order to avoid friction and deterioration of the products between layers.

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